Save Shuttle Powerloom industry avoid suicides of powerloom families

Stop suicides. Save the Powerloom people.


The normal Powerloom industry which provides Jobs to millions of families is moving towards destruction for the past few years.


In Tirupur, Coimbatore more than 95% of PowerLoom units are running on JobWork basis. Textile Manufacturers are paying 25% to 30% reduction on weaving charges than the Government announced weaving charges on 2014. So lot of units are closed and lakhs of workers lost their jobs.


Many units are in Bank debts and unable to repay their dues for the past few years due to reduction in weaving charges and stoppage of work. Many factories are in bank auction, NPA, ReStructure, Sub-Standard, Overdue accounts.


Reduced weaving charges – Huge Loss

25%  to 30%


Production / Details

Production Loss


Weekly Sunday forced leave from 2016



Raw Matreials not supplied by Textile Manufacturers



Strike / production stoppage for 2 months per Year



Total Production Loss




Shuttle powerloom owners in edge of suicide due to bank debt crisis


Due to previous Government Textile policies, shuttle powerloom industry is forced towards destruction. The only way to rescue them is by providing Bank Term Loan waiver.


Bank Term loan waiver is essential to rescue shuttle powerloom industry which was damaged by attacks from all directions like wage reduction, production stoppage, Chinese cloth import, living and manufacturing cost increase.



Most of them were issued bank auction notice and many are nearing NPA.

In Tamil Nadu the total shuttle powerloom industry bank Term Loans will be around Rs.300. Once the TermLoan waiver is done, shuttle powerlooms can start modernising, compete and save the industry.



Next to agriculture, shuttle powerloom is providing more employments. Likewise next to agriculture, shuttle powerloom owners also started to commit suicide. Already last month hundreds of shuttle powerloom owners have sent signed petition to The Honorable Prime Minister to legalise suicide for shuttle powerloom owners, families and workers due to the situation.


The entire shuttle powerloom industry was waiting for the Term Loan waiver on 01.04.2017. in PowerTex announcement. But there was no such announcement and shuttle powerloom people are in tough situation.


We request you to kindly waive off the Bank Term Loans of the shuttle powerloom industry. Kindly save the millions of people of a generation which doesnot know any work other than powerloom.



In the new GST, Powerloom industry will give TAX revenue to Tamil Nadu Government around 675 crores. So the entire loan waiver amount can be recovered in 6 months if the term loans are waived and the industry is let to produce.

The normal powerloom production is 25,000 crore per year and the GST will be Rs.1,250 crores and State will get Rs.675 Crores.


In 2011,a loan waiver for a tune of Rs.3,884 crores was made to secure Handloom industry along with Rs.2,340 crores of other benefits. Similarly we require entire Term Loan waiver to save the industry.


Petition to allow Suicide |Download the petition. Tamil English

Petition to legalise Suicide

Powerloom Owners, families and workers asking permission to accept suicide by law. They sent petition to The Prime Minister, Chief Minister, district collectors, Judges, Human Rights Commission, MPS, MLAs. But sadly there was no response.


PowerTex for Rich only

Government announced long waited scheme. But unfortunately it is to kill shuttle powerloom industry. Already most of the Shuttle PowerLooms were closed due to no work. Most fabrics imported from China & Auto Looms also producing Shuttle Powerloom items. Shuttle powerlooms which employs over 5 Million people in danger already. Most in bankruptcy. But still PowerTex scheme is supporting Auto Looms and mass production. By this entire shuttle powerloom industry will loose jobs and only 10% of weavers will have some jobs.


Chinese Dumping Cheap Fabric

China Dumping fabric illegally to India. They make by under invoicing & via Bangladesh also. Chinese Government writes off USD 300 billion of bad debts to destroy other markets. Chinese dumping fabric, crackers, tyres and lot of products to India to destroy our market. If they face any financial loss, Chinese Government is there to support just by write off around USD 300 billion ( 20 Lakh Crore Rupees !)bad debts which is equal to Indian Union Budget 2017-18.


Stop Suicides - Waive off Term Loans

Waive of Term Loans of Weavers at Banks. Tamil Nadu 300 Crores. All over India only 1,500 crores. This will lead them to compete challenges. Many have started suicides in Tamil Nadu and other states. In Tamil Nadu alone more than thousands of shuttle PowerLoom units in bankruptcy, Thousands in NPA and many in Over due.



News |Recent happenings

TamilNadu Textile policy
03 August 2017

TamiNadu Government is framing State level Textile Policy. Our shuttle PowerLoom Federation President has submitted our requirements to Honorable Textile Minister.

TNERC meeting
02 August 2017

Our Federation has submitted concerns to TNREC that .Tariff 3A-II must be used by shuttle powerloom units & tariff hike to powerloom industry should not be made.

Federation Meeting
01 August 2017

Our Federation meeting held at Palladam & passed resolution to meet Chief Minister to submit our plea regarding powerloom industry crisis.