Save Shuttle Powerloom industry avoid suicides of powerloom families

Shuttle PowerLooms are 96% and only 4% are shuttleless.

Shuttle Powerlooms gives 99% jobs and shuttleless looms only 1% of employment.

But Government giving lot of facilities like TUF & Most PowerTex benefits to the 4% shuttleless looms which gives employment of just 50,000 unskilled workers. But actually the 96% shuttle looms which employs 50 Lakhs skilled people are in danger and they require Government support immediately to avoid closure and save their jobs.

Details Shuttle  PowerLoom Shuttle Less Loom Total
Looms 24,00,000 1,05,000 25,05,000
Looms% 96% 4% 100.00%
Jobs 50,00,000 50,000 50,50,000
Jobs % 99% 1% 100.00%

We request Government to help the PowerLoom sector & 5 million workers.


1. Waive of all Shuttle PowerLoom units Bank Term Loans. Tamil Nadu only Rs.300 cr & India only 1,500 Cr. Small & Micro Enterprises. Most SME shuttle powerloom units are with 4 to 50 looms and total investment less than one crores. 


2. Reserve plain Gada fabric ( Cotton plain fabric from counts 16s to 80s) only to be weave in Shuttle PowerLooms


3. Ban Chinese illegal fabric import. Impose Anti Dumping duty atleast of US$0.25 per metre. Shuttle powerloom is a Decentralized sector and we don't have facility to get details to raise ADD petition. We request Tamil Nadu Government / PDEXCIL to start initiatives to save the shuttepowerloom industry.


4. Stop Tax evasion on fabric supply chain and cut middle man in entire process. Cotton to garment to be included in GST with concessions for Handloom and shuttle Powerloom. 

    Handloom 0%,  Shuttle Powerloom 5%, Shuttle less looms 12%.


5. Promote Shuttle PowerLoom fabrics export by increasing 3% of export incentive. (China Providing 29% incentive for some MMF/AS fabric exports)


6. After waiving present bank Term Loans of Shuttle PowerLooms, Government may advise banks to issue soft loans for upgradation of shuttle powerloom to rapier along with subsidy. Without waiving present loans, up gradation is only a day dream for shuttle powerlooms. Most powerlooms in Tamil Nadu is having Term Loans and most of them are semi automatic. They need loan waiver to go for Rapier upgradation.


7. Shutte PowerLoom is the next employment provider next to Agriculture. It provides 5 million direct jobs and lot of indirect jobs. So Shuttle PowerLooms to be announced as sick industry and to be given special care as handloom industry. A separate ministry / board has to be created at both state & central levels.


8. Revitalize PDEXCIL to work towards the welfare of the Shuttle Powerloom industry and save millions of jobs. Also PDEXCIL to have only 10% of  EC members from shuttleless looms industry and the rest should be allotted for Shuttle Powerloom industry.


9. Technology up gradation is for the improvement of people. But unplanned technology improvement in Textile sector is killing employment.


10.  We suggest Government to make below plans.

    a) After waive off Term loans, encourage Shuttle PowerLooms to go for Rapier upgradation. Even though the rapier conversion is not workable for most products, approximately 10% looms may change. This will also reduce employment. But we can utilize the workforce for quality improvement, and other areas by training them. The shuttle & converted looms will only be permitted to make plain gada fabrics.

   b) Relax all norms of PowerTex so the existing SME shuttle powerloom units of all sizes (4 to 50 machines) get benefited



Petition to allow Suicide |Download the petition. Tamil English

Petition to legalise Suicide

Powerloom people asking permission to accept suicide by law. They sent petition to The Prime Minister, Chief Minister, district collectors, Judges, Human Rights Commission, MPS, MLAs. But sadly there was no response.


PowerTex for Rich only

Government announced long waited scheme. But unfortunately it is to kill shuttle powerloom industry. By this entire shuttle powerloom industry will loose jobs and only 10% of weavers will have some jobs.


Chinese Dumping Cheap Fabric

China Dumping fabric illegally to India. They make by under invoicing & via Bangladesh also. Further they devaluate Yuan currency too. Chinese fabric dumping has already made more than 2 million workers jobless


Stop Suicides - Waive off Term Loans

Waive of Term Loans of Weavers at Banks. Tamil Nadu 300 Crores. All over India only 1,500 crores. This will lead them to compete challenges. Many have started suicides in TamilNadu and other states. In Tamil Nadu alone more than thousands of shuttle PowerLoom units in bankruptcy, Thousands in NPA and many in Over due.



News |Recent happenings

TamilNadu Textile policy
03 August 2017

TamiNadu Government is framing State level Textile Policy. Our President Mr.Era Velusamy has submitted our requirements to Honorable Textile Minister.

TNERC meeting
02 August 2017

Our Federation has submitted concerns to TNREC that .Tariff 3A-II must be used by shuttle powerloom units & tariff hike to powerloom industry should not be made.

Federation Meeting
01 August 2017

Our Federation meeting held at Palladam & passed resolution to meet Chief Minister to submit our plea regarding powerloom industry crisis.